Real heroes of the pandemic – Healthcare workers

Real heroes of the pandemic – Healthcare workers

We are facing an unique situation. A microscopic virus has brought the whole world to a shutdown and confined people to their houses. The COVID-19 pandemic is turning out to be one of the greatest challenges of this century. From December 2019, healthcare workers all over the world have unified themselves working against this pandemic.

The jobs of healthcare workers have suddenly become a bit more dangerous.They have a markedly higher risk of getting infected with the coronavirus since they are exposing themselves while treating a high volume of sick patients. This risk is increasing due to the fact that there is a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical masks for the healthcare workers.

But like always, the healthcare workers have accepted this challenge and are working their way through it gracefully. They understand the gravity of this situation and the role they are playing in saving lives. Healthcare workers are the real-life heroes. They are the ones working day and night, with minimum security and regard for their own lives to make sure we make it through this pandemic.

Healthcare workers are providing their services round-the-clock to us. They are involved in all the steps from diagnosis, treatment to after care. Even with lack of space in our government hospitals, and an overall lack of hospitals in general, healthcare workers are still finding new ways to treat people and help them recover.

Apart from doing their duty in the face of danger, heatlh care workers are also facing other problems such as:

  • Worry that they may become a carrier of COVID-19 virus and end up infecting their loved ones at home
  • A miserably inadequate supply of PPE which is essential for them to keep themselves safe, so they can keep us safe
  • Adapting to working longer and more tedious shifts as their colleagues become sick or are quarantined
  • Balancing their commitment to help others with an understandable commitment to protect themselves and their loved ones

The pharmaceutical industry is also backing up this fight. Pharmaceutical companies are prioritising research and development of COVID-19 related diagnostics, treatments, health technologies and vaccines. They are also looking into existing treatments that might work. At the start of May 2020, 72% of confirmed vaccine projects were being led by the pharmaceutical industry. Even though the development chances of an effective vaccine in such a short time is less, the entire world is trying their best to find out a solution.

Medical scientists of pharma companies are also aiding in improving the diagnostics of COVID-19, so that more people are tested in a lesser amount of time. They are collaborating synergistically, letting go of monetary competition for the singular aim of defeating this pandemic.

While doctors, nurses and hospital staff members are fighting this battle in the front lines, medical researchers and scientists are protecting the back with research and development.

They are, truly, the best heroes we could’ve asked for!

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